It is difficult for me to find words to adequately explain just how much Poco’s Playhouse has impacted my life and those of my three dogs.  We have been visiting Poco’s for about 2 years or so now and I couldn’t imagine our lives without them!  From day one, my dogs have learned to be much more social with other dogs and with humans (my two terriers did NOT like other dogs prior to attending Poco’s regularly) and they LOVE going to Poco’s!  Every morning, all it takes is the word “school” to get them up, running, and so excited!  Poco’s has helped my dogs with basic training and manners and has allowed them to find productive ways to exert their energy (I haven’t come home to chewed up furniture since we became regulars there!).

When I adopted my third dog, she was absolutely terrified of the world.  It was evident that she had been pretty severely abused and there had been some discussion of having to have her put down before I got her due to her extreme fear of humans.  I truly believe that Poco’s Playhouse and the staff there were an integral part of her rehabilitation and she would not have made anywhere near the progress she has made had it not been for her time there. She is now a happy, more socialized German Shepherd who LOVES people.  Without the opportunities Poco’s gave her to become more confident in a social setting, I do not know what the future would have held for her. Poco’s has literally been a lifesaver for us and I will be forever grateful for the patience and kindness they showed her throughout her rehabilitation!  

Nikki, the Owner and Pack Leader has truly become like a member of our family and all of my dogs adore her!  The entire Poco’s staff is knowledgeable, responsible, and kind and I don’t know what we would do without them! Until I was able to see with my own eyes how much my dogs thrived through their interaction there, I struggled with being able to justify spending money on doggy daycare since I am single and living on a limited budget.  I now TRULY understand the value of Doggy Daycare.  It is absolutely an investment in the health and happiness of my dogs and we live happier, calmer lives together because of this investment. I can honestly say that Poco’s Playhouse will be part of our lives for the rest of our lives.  I am so thankful I’ve found them!

Nora S.
Bowling Green, OH

We were worried about leaving our little ones for two whole weeks this summer while we traveled abroad, but it turns out that there was nothing to worry about.  The people from Poco’s Playhouse were just wonderful.  Not only were Monty, Murray and Madeline clean, well-fed and contented when we arrived home, it was apparent that they had been well played with, too.  They didn’t really seem to notice we had been gone.  I was very happy with the actual CARE they had received.  We’ll never worry while on vacation again.

Toledo, OH

I have 2 pugs who just absolutley love Pocos! Nikki is great and the dogs really love her. Its so nice to know they are being taken care of while I am at work. (They even had a sleepover at Nikki's house while I was on vacation last year).

I was able to truely enjoy my vacation because I knew they were in good hands. I recommend Pocos to anybody who wants to get their dog socialized, or just wants them to get more exercise. My dogs come home TIRED and I love it!

Jodi, Boomer, and Bella

My husband and I adopted Harlie from Planned Pethood late in December 2009, by the end of January 2010 he was having fun at Poco's Playhouse at 9 months old. Poco's came highly recommended to us, and I can certainly understand why. Harlie is a weimaraner/lab and certainly has a lot of energy. Not only does he get to play and wear off some energy, but he has his "aunties" (the owner and staff) who watch and take care of him. They are skilled in the art of canine behavior and care deeply about the dogs that attend there. They also taught him acceptable play which gave him socialization skills with other dogs. Nikki, who is the owner of Poco's noted that Harlie would be a good candidate for becoming a therapy dog. He passed his therapy dog test in November 2010. The owner and staff have become a part of our lives not only in a business sense, but they made us part of the Poco Playhouse family.

Gail S.
, OH

I have a very sweet, but highly energetic black lab named Bailey. She was 6 months when I got her and was quite a handful. She is 4 years old now. Quite honestly, there were a few times in the beginning where I thought I would try to find another home for her. I only had her for a few weeks and then I started taking her to Poco’s Playhouse. I most likely would not have Bailey today if I had not found this wonderful place. She is a much better dog, her socialization skills are excellent, and although still very energetic, she comes home tired but happy---all due to her days spent at the Playhouse.

She loves Nikki and her staff. When we are about a ¼ of a mile from the Playhouse each day, Bailey starts barking and prancing around in the back seat as she loves to go to the Playhouse. She can’t wait to get in the front door and see Nikki and starting playing. When any food or health issues have come up, Nikki has been an excellent source and has provided me with very useful information. In the three and half years I have been taking Bailey to the Playhouse, both Bailey and I have greatly benefited from her days spent there.

, OH

Poco's Playhouse is fun! The staff is friendly, caring and knowledgeable. The facilities are clean and my dog Hitch always has a wonderful time there. He has made many friends (both 2 and 4 legged). He loves to romp with his best buds Eli and Palmer and always comes home happy, tired and well cared for. Poco's is the best thing that ever happened to Hitch, he is happier and healthier. We have been taking Hitch to Poco's for a year now and would not go anywhere else. We recommend Poco's Playhouse to all dog owners. Thank you Pocos for all you do for the animals. Hitch gives you 4 out of 4 paws.

Leslye and Bill Burton

We are so grateful for Nikki and the staff at Poco’s Playhouse! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and a joy to work with. Nikki educated us on the adoption and rescuing processes. She served as a reference to rescue groups while we were in the process of looking for our future best friend. She took the time to go over the different breeds with us and reminded us to stay patient in our search. It was because of her guidance that my wife and I welcomed Miles Buddy to our family! Thank you Nikki for helping us find our best friend!

Reggie and Jeanna Temple……and Miles Buddy